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Looking for professional grout cleaning Geelong? You have arrived at the right place. JJs Carpet and Tile Cleaning is the best grout cleaning service in Geelong whether your grouts are sanded, Epoxy, Furan Resin etc we clean all types of grouts. The beauty of the home, office, and any interior space is enhanced by clean tiles and grout. However, they also tend to collect dirt quickly over time. This ‘persistent’ dirt diminishes the beauty of the tiles as time goes by. Proper maintenance is required to deal with this dirt. But if you don’t clean it well, it can look unpleasant. Even with regular cleaning and mopping, grout and tiles will get dirty. Therefore, you should follow some preventive measures to keep it clean and preserve its beauty. No matter how tidy your home is, you still have to clean the grout of your tiles occasionally to remove the grime and residue that accumulate there. You can hire a cleaning service and request a ‘deep clean’ option to do this for you.

Why should I hire a professional to clean grout?

Avoid challenging work that could affect your skeleton and your savings

Without the right training and techniques for tile and grout cleaning, it can be very hard to keep tile and grout in good condition. Most homeowners who attempt to do it themselves work a lot but achieve little, unlike professionals who have the right training and tools. You cannot fully clean tile and grout, as grout lines need stronger cleaning solutions and equipment––products that most homeowners do not have.

Tile and grout can endure longer with the help of professional maintenance

You might think that doing it yourself is a cheaper option at first, but you could end up paying a lot more for repairs or replacements later on if your cleaning methods are not effective enough. Mixing different homemade cleaners might seem to do the trick at first, but they could actually ruin the surfaces you want to clean. Tile and grout cleaning services use special cleaning products that can get rid of stubborn stains without damaging the tile surfaces.

Expert cleaning can make tile and grout look as good as new

This is particularly relevant for those who have old tiles that have deteriorated over time. You don’t need to replace the old tile just because it seems beyond repair in terms of cleaning and restoration. Professional services can do more than just clean old tile and grout, they can also renew them to their original state using products that are specially made to remove the color and stains from old grout.

Tile and grout cleaning services only use products that are gentle on tile surfaces and harmless to people

Professional grout and tile cleaners not only use tools and cleaning solutions that are safe for your tile surfaces and grout but also for people. Many homeowners try to mix different solvents and cleaners to get rid of stubborn stains and restore their tile’s brightness. However, this can be very dangerous, especially when acids and bleach are involved.

How to choose the best Grout cleaning service in Geelong

Cleaning equipment is just one thing you need to consider for hire

It is important to have the right cleaning equipment to make the cleaners’ work more effective, but it is useless if the housemaid does not know how to use it. That is why you also need to check the competence of the cleaning company in operating machines for grout steam cleaning. In addition, you can request the cleaning service provider to present some evidence of their staff’s Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This certification shows that their people are skilled in the best methods in the cleaning and sanitization industry.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Low Prices

The internet is full of both possibilities and pitfalls, so you need to be wary of low prices for professional grout cleaning services. There are two possible outcomes for finding very low prices for this service.
  • It could be a deceptive and illegal tactic to lure you in and then charge you more.
  • Or, it could mean that their staff is not very experienced or skilled for the task.
According to the current national average, professional porcelain tile cleaning services cost about $900, with a range of $300 to $1200. If we look at the price per square foot, it varies from $1.5 to $4. And if we consider the hourly rate per cleaner, it is around $50 to $90. On the other hand, all cleaning companies offer a free consultation service, so you should use that and compare prices from different companies. You can also get our free estimate by contacting our office today.

Look for those who offer a money-back guarantee

A money-back guarantee is a sign of confidence from a cleaning company. If they don’t offer it, you might doubt their skills. Of course, it could be false, but if they do offer it, it should be stated in their proposal. Most professional cleaning services have a money-back guarantee that is fair and reasonable for both sides. For example, a tile that is 20 years old can’t be made to look new again, no matter how much you clean it. But if you just want to get rid of the mold and mildew, that’s doable.

Look for eco-friendly Service

To protect your health and the environment, ask your tile and grout cleaners what products they use. Some commercial cleaners use harmful chemicals, such as:
  • Formaldehyde
  • Acids
  • Strong bases
  • Pesticides
  • Fragrances
At JJs Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we only use green products that are safe for your fabric, pets, and kids. Our experts follow a sustainable cleaning system.

JJS Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Your trusted Partner

JJs is the best in the service in the tile and grout restoration market. We use the most advanced products and equipment to make your grout look new again. We offer services for your existing grout surfaces. Our technicians are skilled and trained to assess your needs, and recommend and carry out the best solutions for you in a friendly and professional way while meeting your expectations. We can do our services in both homes and businesses. Our clients include individual homeowners and big corporations, and every job we do is aimed to revive and preserve your grout and tile for a long time. Our domestic cleaning products are designed to meet all the specific needs of house cleaning. We take into account various factors when we clean, such as allergies and other health concerns. We also offer you a flexible cleaning schedule. You can choose when you want us to start the cleaning process. We value your feedback and suggestions and our staff follow them closely. Contact us now to get suggestions and estimate costs.

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