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Why JJs Carpet and Tile Cleaning?

JJs Carpet & Tile Cleaning are experienced tile restoration specialising in all types of tiles including bathroom tiles, floor tiles, bedroom tiles and benchtop tiles. Whether you require a gentle steam cleanse or a thorough deep treatment, our team delivers a professional solution utilising specialised equipment for tile cleaning. Our clients can avail themselves of a cost-effective and expert tile cleaning service across Geelong, and Melbourne.

By choosing to collaborate with JJs Carpet & Tile Cleaning, you’ve selected the premier provider of tile cleaning services in Geelong. Our expertise extends to serving Melbourne as well.

Our staff are all professionally trained by Total Floor Cleaning Solutions (TFCS) Training Institute, and you can rest assured your tiles and grout are in safe and experienced hands.

Geelong Tile Restoration Solution

Boasting extensive experience along with a diverse selection of specialised tools, equipment, and environmentally conscious chemicals, JJs Carpet & Tile Cleaning possesses the capability to restore your floor tiles to a pristine and sanitised condition, rekindling their original lustre. Whether your tiles are ceramic, porcelain, stone, or concrete, we adeptly address a spectrum of needs, encompassing tasks like stripping, cleaning, sealing, gentle honing, or polishing.

Our services extend to a broad spectrum of customers, encompassing large-scale commercial enterprises and dining establishments, as well as residential bathrooms and kitchens in domestic settings.

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Geelong Tile Cleaning Service

Our tile cleaning services cater to a diverse range of industries, spanning from residential to commercial offices and real estate agencies. Within our offerings for tile cleaning in Geelong, and Melbourne, you can expect:

  • Terracotta tile cleaning
  • Sandstone tile cleaning
  • Slate tile cleaning
  • Brick tile cleaning
  • Concrete tile cleaning
  • Shower tile cleaning
  • Floor tile cleaning
  • Kitchen tile cleaning
  • Backsplash tile cleaning
  • Porcelain tile cleaning
  • Ceramic tile cleaning
  • Granite tile cleaning
  • Marble tile cleaning
  • And much more!

The JJs Tile Cleaning Experience

JJs Carpet & Tile Cleaning stands as your trusted local tile cleaning authority in Geelong, extending our service coverage to all neighbouring areas, including Melbourne. Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled quality and affordability in tile services to our valued clients.

We excel at treating, thoroughly cleansing, and eliminating grime, grease, dirt, and stubborn lime scale buildup both on the surface and deep within your tiles. Unlike a standard general cleaning, our professional tile treatment guarantees an unmatched result.

Elevate your tiles to a state of renewed brilliance and radiance. Reach out to us today to schedule your transformative tile cleaning session.

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Schedule Your Clean

Schedule your clean directly over the phone or through our booking form.


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Your Cleaning Expert

Meet your cleaning expert and get expert advice on your requirements.


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