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Why JJs Carpet & Tile Cleaning?

Mould removal, mould cleaning or mould remediation. JJs Carpet & Tile Cleaning is Geelong’s premier mould removal and remediation experts.

Our professional team of specialists has been trained in mould remediation and mould treatment services that are proven to effectively treat, eliminate and prevent the recurrence of all types of mould.

The JJs Carpet and Tile Cleaning experience provides you with:

JJs Carpet & Tile Cleaning are trained and experienced mould removal and treatment specialists with an in-depth knowledge of all property types and locations in and around Geelong. We ensure families, retirees and professionals can live and work in a mould-free home and environment. 

Our local area knowledge, climate combined with years of mould remediation experience ensures your property will receive tailored recommendations to solve your mould problems.

Geelong Mould Cleaning Solution

JJs Carpet & Tile Cleaning are trained mould removal technicians. Prior to the removal we’ll complete a full assessment including how and where the origin of the mould exists and preventative measures to avoid future complications of the areas involved.

A complete mould remediation cleaning involves an advanced moisture-testing process with specialised equipment to determine moisture, humidity and the extent of damage. Using commercial grade airflow equipment, mould spores and other contaminants are contained and removed preventing further spread to your home and building. 

In areas affected by mould and moisture, JJs mould removal specialists will apply rapid drying techniques and water damage management to prevent further development and redevelopment of mould. 

A final mould clearance tests will ensure your property is mould-free and safe.

mold removal

Mould Removal Cleaning Services

JJs Carpet & Tile Cleaning’s mould cleaning team follow a stringent procedure, using non-toxic and non-allergenic products to ensure the safety of your home or office, providing ongoing protection to prevent reoccurrence of mould in affected areas. Our Geelong removal procedure includes:

  • Initial mould testing
  • Initial moisture testing  
  • Mould removal process
  • Mould cleaning and removal on walls, ceiling and furniture
  • Complete mould remediation
  • Mould assessments
  • Specialised mould treatment
  • Mould prevention plan
  • Rapid structural drying

The JJs Mould Remediation Cleaning Experience

JJs Carpet & Tile Cleaning’s mould removal remediation method is a fast, cheap and effective. We provide the best Geelong mould removal and mould remediation techniques paired an experienced crew that can effectively remove all types of mould, test for airborne matter and remedy the entire problem all whilst restoring your home and business to a hygienic and liveable state.

Give us a call so we can identify the cause and offer a scope of work to rectify and remediate the issue.

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